Thursday, 26 May 2016

Third Day Reflection

  • Project Sharing Sessions
    • Note down at least three key learning points
      • I learnt how a DC electric motor is created
      • I learnt that caffeine can be harmful and how they are extracted.
      • I also learnt how different liquids can be separated through a fractional distillation.
  • How do you feel about the NTU-SST Flagship programme?
    • Describe how the programme has affected your understanding of the discipline on a larger scale
      • I feel that it has thaught me that patience is very important in any research as a lot of time is needed to research in a project and a lot of time is needed for experimentation.
    • Share your insights for the programme in general
      • I feel that the programme has taught me a lot of things and made me have a slight idea about what it is like in a university.

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